Why is Water Actually So Important?

Why is Water Actually So Important

We have all heard time in and time out that water is important! Important for weight loss, clear skin, hydration, detox, and just overall to be the healthy individual we all want to be. If you are anything like us, some days you feel like your drinking an ocean worth, while other days you forget to drink water all together. I am sure you have also heard that our body is composed mostly of water, in fact it is 60% water. Our bodies, on average, tends to lose about 2.5 - 3 liters of water a day depending on size and what activities you are doing. In turn, we need to give our body back that water. In fact, the sensation of thirst actually comes after the body has started to become dehydrated. Which brings us back to another common thing we hear, which is that we should drink eight 8- ounce glasses of water a day on average. This eliminates, for the most part, the dehydration process because we are constantly drinking water.

But, enough with the boring science talk, let us talk more about what it can actually do for you on top of keeping a hydrated self. Losing weight, we all want it, and we all hear water can help, but how. As we have previously said, we need water to keep our bodies hydrated. When they are not hydrated, our bodies suffer, making it hard to boost our metabolism, or carry out a proper work out. Two things that are essential for proper weight loss. Water helps flush out toxins and waste through forms of sweating, urine, etc. This is how fat is excreted from the body, it is broken down in your body and excreted. So who wouldn’t want to increase that water intake to help expel waste more efficiently!

Beauty! Water is essential to keeping that skin as fresh as it can be. This is because when we let our bodies become dehydrated, we open up our skin to disorders and aging due to the tightness and dryness of dehydration. Also, drinking water helps with the absorption and pick up of nutrients that we need not only for our body, but our skin. So eating the right things for your skin or taking vitamins for it, is great, but you are going to get way more out of those things if you are hydrated.

Now, understand that water is an essential part of our existence, not a new miracle weight loss option. It maximizes what our body should already be doing. So you probably will not have immediate weight loss and perfect skin after three days of the 8 x 8 water rule, but you are setting your body up to be able to reach that goal even quicker!

If you get bored with water, like we know some do, add some flavor and fun to it. We at Skinny Souping did this with our water! Nothing like a little fresh fruit,mint, or even chia seeds to make it more fun!

xoxo KF

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