The Perfect Bag For Summer

The Perfect Bag for Summer


We have found it! The perfect bag does exist, and we are going to share a little bit about why! I have recently stumbled upon the company Willow Bay Australia, they offer a variety of bags, but the Daydreamer Neoprene Tote takes the cake. I mean, it is even called the Daydreamer, does not get much better than that.

So what is so amazing about neoprene you ask? Neoprene, at its core, is basically a rubber compound. This provides many benefits to create all types of things like bags, laptop covers, and insulation. Neoprene provides a perfect flexibility for your go to bag, and is made handle a variety of temperature ranges. Not to mention that neoprene is lightweight and water resistant, which is perfect for an item we have to carry around.. The fabric is also perforated for breathability, making it the ultimate gym bag. Most gym bags hold those work out smells, which no one wants, no one.

With so many uses available, it was hard for me not to share this bag with you guys. I have gotten one recently, and I use it for everything. Not to mention, it is the perfect pink, so it has been a good transition from this long winter into spring and summer. Speaking of summer, the season of fun, sun,  and everything in between. These bags so perfect for those sandy wet beach days. They are a great size for shoving in beach towels, a magazine, and maybe even a bottle of rose for that beach day. On top of that, it also comes with a little tote inside great for those little beach items we do not want to lose. Check them out, and find some great summer colors to match all those summer outfits we will need to be buying soon. Since it is such a great bag for everything, it makes it even more amazing that you can just throw it in the wash whenever it gets a bit dirty!

xoxo KF

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