Saving Calories Where it Matters, In our Cocktails!


There is always a challenge that comes with dieting, detoxing, or even just maintaining healthy weight and honoring the progress you’ve made. This challenge is none other than alcohol. Haven’t you ever thought, “Wow, I’d be so skinny if alcohol had no calories” SAME. Everyone has. And yet, we continue to sip. Though we can’t magically make alcohol calorie free, we can make smarter choices so we’re able to party without losing sight of our health and fitness goals.

First and foremost, calories are calories. There’s no use telling yourself that the overflowing glass of red wine is better for you than the three shots of vodka your friends just took at the bar. Yes, red wine has antioxidants. Yes, that’s good. Yes, doctors recommend only one or two glasses of wine a day. The reality is that when you’re going out, it’s easy to drink in excess, so when you know you’re going for the long run, pick a drink that will get your blood flowing without adding too many calories.

A personal favorite is vodka and soda with lime. A vodka and soda is only about 75-150 calories. This also goes for tequila, gin, rum, etc mixed with soda water. Shots themselves are only about 65 calories. Not too bad when you consider your other options. Find a liquor you like and stick with it. If you’re not feeling soda water, go for a diet soda for more flavor. Though diet sodas are not necessarily the healthiest things to put in your body, neither is alcohol so let’s not get righteous now.

Just because you’re out for a night on the town doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of your body. In fact, it gives you even more reason to put good things into your body before and after drinking. Who doesn’t want a night out with friends or family? There are smart, healthy ways to have fun and feel good the next day and you are absolutely more than capable of it. You deserve to feel great every day!

We wouldn't write an article about alcohol and not provide you an amazing tequila recipe!

You will need:

  • 1 liter of a silver tequila. I recommend Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila but you can choose any other you prefer.

  • 1 Pineapple

  • 2 ounces dark black sugar

  • A large jar (like one of those large sun tea jars) or pitcher with a lid

Let’s make it! (6 servings)

Cut your pineapple up into rings. Toss them into the pitcher/jar. Add the tequila, sugar and put the lid on it. Set aside for 1 week in a cool dark place,shaking the jar daily to agitate ingredients and release their flavors.

Once the pineapple has made your tequila all pine-apply you will be ready to drink and enjoy it! I guarantee you will be happy you waited so long.


xoxo AB