Best Healthy Spots to Eat in Chicago

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Diets come and go, but wanting to eat out will last forever.  I do not know about you guys, but I am always so excited and eager come Monday to stay on track with my healthy eating. Yet, Wednesday comes, and the girls want to go to happy hour, or Friday comes and everyone is headed out to dinner and drinks. It makes it feel like all your hard work is just going to go out the window with booz and a not so healthy meal out.

It does not have to be this way though! There are some great restaurants in Chicago that let you have a healthy meal out, without any worries the next day. Plus these are not just any old restaurant, these are all fun to grab your girls and have a great meal before a great a great night out!

Ema - Can never go wrong with a mediterranean restaurant, with their clean style of cooking include mostly olive oil, vegetables, and protein legumes. Plus it is in River North, so you can head right out to the bars!

The little beet table- right downtown off of state street, is a great option, as their menu is based off healthy wholesome meals that are vegetable forward. With a great industrial vibe and some fun cocktails to pair, it is a great place to hit up.

Bad hunter- This veg heavy restaurant is great place to experience healthy meal with creative twists.

Summer house Santa Monica- If you have not guessed from the name, it is inspired by californian fare and environment. The vibes in this restaurant truly give you an escape from chicago and head to the west coast with some healthy inspired delicious meals.

Cold storage- You will not be disappointed by this fulton market seafood restaurant. Any seafood is seafood we love, and we promise to only use a little butter....

Aba- The hot spot of the summer, and amazing rooftop with . an amazing mediterranean menu to go with it. Small plates filled with flavor, clean proteins, and lots of veggies (oh and did i mention their rooftop is amazing?!)

These are just some of our favorite restaurants where you can and enjoy a healthy meal, but still get to eat amazing food with an amazing environment. Try them out and let us know what you think!

xoxo KF

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