Are You Taking Enough Time For Yourself?

Are You Taking Enough Time For Yourself

What if I told you that you’re allowed to take time for yourself and do something nice for yourself once in a while? Well, you are. Rarely are men and women allowed to take the time for themselves that they actually need. Any free time we have is generally spent with friends and family, eating up any possible time to actually do anything for yourself. Listen very closely: You NEED to take time for yourself. Self-care is a vital part of maintaining a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. Too often it is overlooked. Stress management and self care practices are just as, if not more important than taking that spin class at 5 am or spending all night working on that project your boss told you to finish in an ungodly time frame. And believe it or not, it is totally acceptable to say no to going out or doing things with your friends to practice some self-care.

Still don’t believe me? Fine. I’ll hit you with some facts.

According to my friends over at the Mayo Clinic, stress can be detrimental to your health. Stress itself is very normal. Your body is made to have a “fight or flight” mechanism for when stress is triggered by a threat. But, if you are constantly experiencing stress through work, relationships, etc, your body is constantly in that “fight or flight” mindset, causing heightened blood pressure, an imbalance of hormones, as well as a prolonged period in which your heart is simply working much harder than it should be. The chronic stress you’re experiencing can ultimately cause heart damage. No one wants that.

Tips for self-care:

  • Do it. Make yourself do it. Set a time where you can do something that you just really enjoy and that relaxes you.

  • Exercise. This kills two birds with one stone. Not only does exercise help with stress, it also works you heart in a much healthier way than stress.

  • Self Care is a personal act, and that means you can decide what works for you.  One of my favorite ways to relax is a bubble bath, throw in a good book, and I am one happy girl.

  • Relaxation techniques. Whether that be meditation, taking time to deep breath, yoga, or really anything that relaxes you and gets you in touch with your body and it’s signals. You want to understand what it’s like for your body to not experience stress.

Remember, you’re worth the time that you dedicate to yourself.

Happy Souping!

xoxo AB