Coffee: Friend or Foe?


Being women on-the-go, our teammates here at Skinny Souping are no strangers to a good coffee fix when the day calls for it. For me, it is an every morning- and even some afternoons- kind of fix! But I am not talking about those high sugar, high calorie frappuccino- macchiato-caramel-chocolate sprinkle drinks from your local cafe. I am talking about good old-fashioned, black coffee! With just a few calories per cup, coffee is actually a very health beneficial drink.

Now I know all of you habitual coffee drinkers, do not need convincing when it comes to adding coffee to you diet! But for those of you who do not quite trust the effects coffee could have on your body, here are some facts:

  • Coffee gives you energy! It may help you lose weight and sharpen your mental focus- due to the caffeine. Studies have shown that caffeine can help improve your mood, help your brain work better, and even improve performance while you exercise.

  • For those who have a habitual coffee habit, regular coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. In a study is was even found that caffeine was linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease!

  • Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants! Antioxidants help protect our cells from damage, and lowers our risk for infections.

  • Higher consumption of coffee can also be attributed to better heart health! Specifically, regular coffee drinking has been linked to a lower risk of coronary heart disease in females. Caffeinated and decaf alike, were associated with a lower risk of total mortality- including deaths attributed to heart disease, nervous system diseases, and suicide.

But like I said before, with coffee it is more so how you take it. Added sugars, syrups, and high fat milks and creamers can negate any health benefits attributed to regular coffee consumption. So if you need a little extra flavor in your coffee, search for healthier alternatives to full sugar/full fat additives {I either use fat-free creamer or unsweetened original almond milk, with one packet of stevia with my morning coffee}! According to federal dietary guidelines, about 3 cups of plain black coffee per day can be apart of a healthy diet. Drinking too much coffee can have negative effects on your body- even if it is still just black coffee. Some of those effects can include jitters, heart palpitations, and even insomnia. And if you are a heavy (more than 3 cups a day) coffee-drinker, skipping those caffeine fixes cold-turkey can result in withdrawal-like symptoms such as headaches and migraines. This is because the caffeine in coffee is addictive and can have adverse effects on the body, if consumed heavily. If you are trying to cut-back, it is suggested to do it gradually to avoid any withdrawal-like symptoms!

All in all, coffee has a lot of health benefits that can be achieved when black coffee is consumed in moderation, and NOT in excess! Are there some negative side-effects with heavy coffee consumption? Yes. But will I be weaning myself off the black liquid-gold anytime soon? Probably not! Within limits, coffee is a perfectly safe and beneficial drink to add to any healthy diet!



Gabriela PecenkaComment