Let’s Work It Out, With the Cutest Fitness Gear


{With Some of the Best Workout Clothing Brands}

I don’t know about you, but my favorite thing to shop for these days is workout gear! So many brands are re-creating their workout clothing lines to adhere to all different kinds of bodies, lifestyles, and fitness regimes. And it’s not just the BIG names- even some of the more discreet brands are bringing in their A-Game... But with all these brands throwing out new and improved options, it is definitely a struggle to settle on the best choice. But you are in luck! Here is a list of some of the best workout clothing brands. So grab your favorite soup from Skinny Souping and get to reading!


Celeb brand? Yes! Outrageous prices?? I think NOT! My first Fabletics outfit was actually gifted to me and let me say, Kate Hudson really outdid herself with this one! The first thing I thought was, “Wow this fabric is so comfortable!” The second thing I thought was, “How can I get more??” The cool thing about Fabletics is that when you sign up for the VIP Membership the deals just start pouring in! Now, I do not buy that much athletic wear for me to justify paying a monthly subscription for it. But if you find yourself constantly buying workout gear and looking for better deals on celebrity brand names, then this might be the brand for you!


Target is known for its affordable and adorable clothing lines! But nothing will spread as much joy to your closet (and your wallet) as the Joy Lab athletic brand, exclusive to Target. My favorite thing about Joy Lab athletic wear is that it is ALL inclusive- made for every body shape and size! The fabric is breathable and soft, and can even take you from workout to night-out! With a variety of original patterns and color schemes, Joy Lab from Target definitely makes your workout unique.


Maybe I am a bit biased, but Old Navy is by far my favorite place to buy workout gear! The first pair of active capris I got from Old Navy have stood the test of time, being almost 5 years old and showing NO SIGNS of wear and tear. Old Navy is known for its deals and affordability, and it is always easy to find athletic attire for a good price. The material of all their athletic clothing is true to size, comfortable, and extremely breathable. They are even stylish too! Every piece of clothing is so versatile. In fact, I even find myself wearing their workout gear for more than just the gym!


Something I have noticed over the years is that Forever 21 has REALLY stepped up their game! Since Forever 21 has started their new athletic attire line, I have seen fit to try my hand with it. The best part about their athletic wear is that it is EXTREMELY affordable. They also have the trendiest looks! But to make sure things fit you the way you want, I suggest actually going in and trying things on.



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