Refresh and Restart: Liver and Gut Cleansing Foods


Here at Skinny Souping we are all about healthy and safe cleansing of the body! The word “detox” has never been synonymous with an extreme diet for us- that is why we pack our Soup Cleanse line with vital nutrients to keep your strong and full during your cleanse. While our Soup Cleanse line works wonders for those looking to refresh and restart their body, here are a couple other foods that can give you a quick cleanse when you need it!


One ingredient that I CANNOT get enough of is garlic. I had no idea it had so many tummy cleansing benefits until just recently! The best part about having garlic in your diet is that it helps to activate the liver detox enzymes. The enzymes help in breaking down toxins and eliminating them from your system! Garlic also is packed with almost 40 different antibacterial agents- making it the best kind of addition to a meal to keep any illnesses at bay. Keep your GI tract happy and have a clove (or 4 LOL!) of garlic!


Apples contain so much fiber- and adding them to your daily snack rotation can be really beneficial for your belly! This delicious fruit helps to clean out your GI tract and introduce friendly bacteria to keep it all moving!


Beets are probably one of the most underrated food of all time. But what most people don’t know is how incredibly beneficial it is to have them as part of your regular diet! Beets- much like garlic- activate those liver enzymes that help detox your system.  They also affect the bile inside your system that helps break down and absorb fat-soluble nutrients and healthy fats! This beautifully colored fruit will have your insides singing a happy tune, and your tummy will thank you!


Feeling rather bloated for a few days and looking for a quick fix? Then fermented foods are your friend! Things like pickles, sauerkraut, or kimchi work wonders on your GI tract. These tangy snacks introduce all that gut-friendly bacteria we need to keep things moving and promote healthy elimination of toxins. Drinks like kefir and kombucha will do, as well!



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