We LOVE Soup! And You Should Too!


We LOVE Soup! And You Should Too!

Happy National Soup Month to all our Skinny Soupers out there! Here at Skinny Souping we are dedicated to bringing you meals that are nutritious, delicious, and ready to eat when you are! With busy lifestyles to maintain and healthy diets to keep up with, it can be stressful searching for fast and easy meals that fit into our always moving lifestyles. And THAT is exactly what sparked the idea for this wonderful line of plant-based soups! But why do we love and appreciate soup so much in the first place here at Skinny Souping? Here’s a few reasons why…


While our soups are made all natural, gluten-free, with no preservatives, and even vegan- not all soups are But that doesn’t mean they are any less good for you! Soup (especially broth based) is usually packed so many nutrients, and fills you up easily. Making your own homemade soup over canned soup is preferred, simply because canned soup usually is high in sodium. But if you can find canned options that are low in sodium or even have no sodium than more power to you!


Like I said above, homemade soup is the preferred option! Now some of you may think to make soup would be a hassle, but really making your own homemade soup is a great destressor after a busy week. And if you make a big pot of it, you’ll have lunch/dinner for the next week to come!

It is also super affordable to make for anyone on a strict budget. You can even check-out Skinny Souping’s Souping-The Cookbook for some wonderful recipes!


A big bowl of warm soup is exactly what everyone needs on these cold and frigid snowy days. It fuels your body and warms you from the inside out! So cuddle up by the fire with a fuzzy blanket and some delicious soup. It’ll make these below zero Chicago temperatures melt away!

Xoxo G

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